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I’ve recently found myself ‘hooked’ on TripAdviser forums, scanning the entries for new questions or new responses to ongoing sagas.

Of late, we’ve had people asking where they can get ‘good English food’ when they’re in Tenerife, whether it’s true that there’s a Marks & Spencer in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and if so, where it is, where they can watch football while they’re here and whether anyone knows if there’s a “nudist swimming pool” anywhere (not a nudist beach you understand, a nudist swimming pool).

And the one that’s really got me resolved to break this newly-formed addiction on the grounds that, like Eastenders, it’s just too depressing to continue watching, is the couple from the USA who are looking for a ‘budget’ holiday in Tenerife.
They began by asking (reasonably) what the quickest route from the south airport to Puerto de la Cruz was. Local ‘experts’ gave them directions and told them the journey would be 50 mins to an hour, less if they wanted to rent a car on Tenerife. The couple responded with apparent horror at “such a long journey”(presumably no-one in Wisconsin would dream of driving that far…yeah, right) and asked if anyone knew of cheap accommodation in the south. They very specifically wanted a room in a family house or a pension with the emphasis on cheap and specified that they wanted culture, not swimming pools and local, not International cuisine.
Patient responses gave advice, an assortment of web addresses and suggestions about keeping away from the main coastal resorts and going instead for more rural accommodation.

Last night the US couple said they’d resolved their problem and had booked an apartment in Costa del Silencio ( a purpose-built tourist resort on the island where Tenerife culture is conspicuous by its absence) where they would be staying for the whole week and incidentally, did anyone know where they could get to see some good Flamenco while they were here!

I despair!
Does nobody whose planning to come here want to see the Real Tenerife??!!!

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