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Some people fantasize about winning the lottery, others about rescuing Johnny Depp from imminent life-threatening danger and then he’s so incredibly grateful to them that he suddenly realises he’s fallen hopelessly in love with them and…ahem, sorry, where was I? Oh yes. But not me.

I fantasize about a tree.

I’ve just spent the past hour and five minutes raking enough leaves from the lawn to fill an extra large sized garden refuse bag, mowing, clipping and then raking again. I put the sprinkler on, came inside to get some water and check email and when I returned, the lawn was already splattered with leaves from the bloody great avocado tree that dominates my life.

We’re living in perpetual autumn with ‘the beast’, it’s fallen leaves filling bag after bag which then have to be hauled down to the car park and the wheelie bins. The only time it stops shedding leaves is in spring when it blossoms and then sheds tons and tons of seeds.

So while I sit with my well earned beer and let my thoughts wander to daytime fantasies, it’s watching two thirds of  ‘the beast’  fall gloriously to the ground that brings a wry smile to my face. I know it’ll grow back again, quickly and stronger than before, but for 5 or 6 glorious months I’ll be able to concentrate on rescuing Johnny again and save myself a whole lot of sweat and garden bags.

And the really great thing about my fantasy? It wouldn’t take a lot to fulfil it.

So, can anyone lend me a thirty metre ladder, hard hat and a safety harness?

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