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I know it’s a bit sad to blog about a car park and if you live in London or LA or New York and consider what I am describing to be practically archaic nowadays, cut me some slack. I live on Tenerife and finding anything here that works this efficiently just has to be recorded.

Please feel free to skip to the next entry.

It’s not the first time I’ve used the shiny new car park beneath the bus station in Santa Cruz, and it certainly won’t be the last.

Apart from its rather odd entrance whereby you drive over the pavement, avoiding maiming pedestrians if at all possible, everything else about this car park is sublime.
To begin with they have this coating on the floor which makes your tyres sound like you’re in the car chase scene from the latest Bond movie.
Then they have this excellent lighting system which has a green light above each vacant parking space and a red light above each occupied one so you can see at a glance where the empty spaces are.
And as if that wasn’t simplicity itself, at the end of each row they have a sign which either flashes a red ‘X’ to indicate there are no vacant spaces on that row, or a green number to indicate the number of empty spaces there are.
Ha! You just find and drive into a space as if by magic.

And the cherry on the cake? Well this is a capital city parking lot and this week I parked there for almost four hours mid-morning on a week day. In Manchester that would have cost me the best part of a tenner, instead it was €2.85!

There, all done.

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