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As this is the week before Christmas, I thought I’d share some of the little things on Tenerife that bring on a warm and fuzzy feeling during the festive season.

First on the list are the magical Christmas lights that bring a seasonal sparkle to the island’s historic towns. Santa Cruz looks splendid, Puerto de la Cruz glitters gloriously and La Laguna’s cobbled and perfectly preserved old streets could easily have been lifted straight from one of those cards featuring Victorian Christmas scenes, but my favourite setting is Tenerife’s most elegant town, La Orotava.

The life size belén outside the town hall is impressive and the colourful xmas lights add a touch of razzamatazz to the streets around the Iglesia de la Concepción. However, the most magical spot is Plaza de la Constitución. Last year there were icicles ‘dripping’ from the leafy canopy overhead, huge bow wrapped presents adding a touch of frivolity to the gardens and the display in the bandstand turned children’s eyes saucer sized. If there’s a more Christmassy place on Tenerife to have a coffee I’ve yet to find it.

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There’s a really narrow, blind corner on the road into Puerto de la Cruz from the La Paz area where we live. One time we were driving into town and as we rounded this corner, a car was heading straight for us. A woman obviously thought it was one way and we both slammed on the brakes with barely enough room for a Barclaycard between our bumpers. Concentration is paramount.

Imagine therefore the effect it would have if, coming into sight across the bridge from this very spot, there was a giant Ferris Wheel dancing with neon laser lights that spiralled, circled and raced around the wheel, cutting the night sky like a rainbow on acid.
How I managed to keep the car on the road is anybody’s guess and I predict broken glass before the Christmas period is over.

The annual Christmas funfair opened in Puerto last night and the town all turned out to see it. Not that you could miss it; the Ferris Wheel is probably baffling scientists in the International Space Station even as I write.

BIG fun at the fair in Puerto this Christmas

The air was thick with the smell of burgers, candyfloss and churros; music blared out from the Viking Ship and the Dodgems; the ground was littered with tickets from the Tombola and everywhere I looked, someone was carrying a giant fluffy toy as the evening’s spoils.

And just to add that final festive touch to the whole affair, the Christmas lights had all been switched on too.
I don’t care how Scrooge you’re feeling this year, take a trip into Puerto one evening and you’ll be digging out the Santa hat, smiling at the kiddies and feeling an uncontrollable urge to say “ho ho ho” at regular intervals.

I haven’t plucked up the courage to have a go on that Ferris Wheel yet …watch this space.

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