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It’s a big week for Tenerife. It seems our little island in the sun is making headline web news, some of it exciting and some of it, well…embarrassing.

There’s been a buzz about the place over Google’s launch of its new street map which enables you to see places up close and personal. It’s a fabulous little toy and extremely useful if you want to check out directions to a place or get a look at your holiday accommodation before you book or just show friends who haven’t visited what your house looks like.
But it seems that the Google camera vans have also been capturing some rather unexpected ‘extras’ on their exploration and one of them has apparently made it to viral status all over the world. The offending extra is a man seen quite clearly having a pee up the side of a rubbish dumpster at the back of Las Teresitas beach in Santa Cruz.

What struck me most about the captured incident (apart obviously from the central character) was how ugly the particular spot looked with its shitty graffiti and barren scrubland. Hardly representative of the beauty of Las Teresitas. But there you are, sod’s law, Tenerife gets International fame in a shot that equates to a very bad hair day indeed.

However, yin and yang being what they are, this week has also seen the preview release of Warner Brothers’ hotly awaited blockbuster ‘Clash of the Titans’ which is scheduled to hit screens in the first half of 2010. And guess what…Tenerife looks AMAZING! The scenes in the crater are spectacular, as indeed is the forest scene with the sea of clouds beyond the precipice which I’m guessing was shot at Las Raices.

My money’s on Tenerife soon becoming known as ‘the place where they shot Clash of the Titans’ and I predict a glut of film-makers following suit and huge offshoots in tourism. Well take a look for yourself and tell me if you wouldn’t want to visit this incredible landscape?

Incidentally, if anyone has any insider info’ on where exactly scenes were shot (other than the crater – we’ve already got that one, ta) I’d be very pleased to hear from you…strictly on the QT of course!

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Call me Mrs Saddo if you must but the prospect of Liam Neeson, Mads Mikkelson and Ralph Fiennes descending on Tenerife to film scenes from an epic Greek Gods movie of Good vs Evil and the power of love to triumph over all is akin to…well, I don’t know, Kings of Leon playing at the Spar on the corner!

It seems nothing less than incredible to me that this awesome scenery hasn’t seen the inside of a major Hollywood movie can since Raquel Welch looked good in a bikini.
It’s high time the world realised what an untapped gold mine Tenerife is for shooting all kinds of genres; from Westerns to Sci Fi and period pieces to rom-coms. Where else can you pretend to be in Arizona, the Caribbean and on the Moon all in the same day? And with the California sunshine and swaying palm trees the stars are going to feel right at home.

If you ask me, it’s nothing short of EXCITING and we should all bump up the anticipation by linking into The Empire Magazine’s on line site and voting on their ‘How excited are you about Clash of the Titans’ poll.

I just voted for ‘looks good, count me in’ and moved the percentage 3 points. At the moment ‘I’d rather eat my own feet’ is leading the board with 46% and needs some concerted effort to shift it.

You have to register before you can vote but it’s a really quick and easy registration. Once you’ve confirmed through email, log into the site, search for ‘Clash of the Titans’ and get back to the vote page. Easy, peasy.

Follow this link and register to vote – you know it makes sense…!

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