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The other day whilst I was in Santiago del Teide having a look at the trail of destruction left by the Tenerife forest fire, a deluxe silver convertible with a car rental sticker on its bumper pulled up beside me.
“You don’t happen to speak any Spanish, do you?” The driver asked. “The car’s making a funny noise and I haven’t a clue what this means.”
He pointed to the dashboard where, very cleverly, the on-board computer was telling him what the problem was. Unfortunately for him it was in Spanish. As it turned out it was telling him that his gear box was on the blink.

It was just one of those unexpected incidents that can happen when you hire a car in a foreign country, but it suddenly occurred to me that although we’ve written a guide to discovering the island by car; we aren’t, as yet, providing any advice relating to actually renting a car on Tenerife. With over 100 car rental firms on Tenerife to choose from, it can be a bit of a daunting task which I remember only too well from my first visits to the island.

To rectify this, and help visitors make a more informed choice in the future, we’ve included an independent on-line guide to hiring a car on Tenerife on our Real Tenerife Island Drives website. So, to help us I ‘d like to hear from people who’ve rented a car on the island.

What I’m especially interested in is:

  • If you collected your hire car from the airport, was the process quick and easy?
  • Were there any unexpected charges, or ‘add-ons’?
  • Was the car’s petrol tank full, or was finding a petrol station the first thing you had to do?
  • Did you feel that the car hire firm were friendly, service was good and there weren’t any communication problems?
  • Was the car in good condition?
  • If you had an accident, was the car hire company supportive in helping you deal with it?

Also feel free to leave any other comments that you feel would help visitors to Tenerife make the right choice when hiring a car.

Thanks very much for your help.

P.S. There’s at least one car hire company on Tenerife who have their customers’ overall holiday experience in mind and that’s Poul’s Autos. If you book on line with them you get a FREE copy of Island Drives, but only if you ask for it.

N.B. All or part of your comments may be published and credited on Real Tenerife Island Drives website


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