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El Medano; where the breeze is constant and the views hold some surprisesYesterday I was in the kite-boarders’ and wind-surfers’ paradise resort of El Médano and I’ve never seen so many naked men in one place.

That’s not to say they were wandering around the streets, nor even stretched out on the town’s main beach. No. I had to walk quite some distance to find them.

‘Walking’ and ‘hiking’ would probably not be at the top of most people’s list if you were to ask them what Tenerife means to them. But the island is in fact a kaleidoscopic matrix of trails that take you from tropical coastline, through arid badlands and heavenly scented pinewoods, to a 17 kilometre wide volcanic crater and climbing the World’s third largest volcano – Mount Teide.
There’s enough variety of terrain and spectacular scenery to keep even the most hardened of hikers whistling “Happy Feet”.

I’m currently making a concerted effort to hike as many of Tenerife’s trails as I can, and yesterday I opted for the bohemian, laid back resort of El Médano for a spot of coastal walking.
Leaving the town and heading out towards the red mountain which landmarks El Médano and is imaginatively named “La Montaña Roja”, it wasn’t long before my first naked buttocks came into view, beside the lagoon at the end of the dunes.

Continuing along the beach and following the path up Bocinegro, I diverted onto a lesser trodden path that took me to some amazing wind-sculptured sand and salt rock formations amongst which, I slowly became aware of a large number and variety of more flesh toned scenery. Naked men were wandering along the white pumice giant’s causeway; sunbathing and swimming in the small coves below the rocks, and generally standing around with their hands on their hips and their willies looking out to sea.

I’d clearly breached a favoured naturist, and presumably gay, location. Either that or it was the local ‘tackle-out fiesta’ and I hadn’t spotted it on the calendar.

Feeling oddly out of place and keeping my eyes more or less straight ahead, I continued on my way, skirting the base of Montaña Roja and then scaling its 173 metres just for a change of scenery.

It’s amazing how much variety you can see in one short hike on Tenerife!

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You know you’re in the vicinity of El Médano on Tenerife’s southern coast the moment you open the car doors to get out; if the passenger opens their door at the same time as you, a rush of warm air takes everything inside that isn’t actually fastened down and sends it spiralling out in a frantic bid for freedom.

The wind in El Médano is what makes it the laid back, Bohemian resort that it is. Long sweeping stretches of ivory sand form patterns beneath the sculptured rock formations and carry the eye to the horizon on which, multi-coloured sails bob, weave and glisten in the sun. Windsurfers, kite boarders and power kiters create a chaotic canvas of colour against the endless blue sky, their sails turning and weaving in an ever-changing matrix, orchestrated by the wind.

Last weekend, an intermittent cast of characters joined the usual wind catchers on the breezy expanse of Playa de La Tejita in the Internacional Festival de Cometas or Kite Festival of Granadilla; kites of all shapes and sizes rode the currents, tethered on their strings like prisoners enjoying a fleeting moment of freedom while others fluttered like Tibetan Prayer Flags on poles buried into the sand. Dragons, mermaids and ghosts played alongside planes, diamonds and giant rays, diving and swooping above the heads of onlookers. Grabbing a beer from the bar, I watched as children constructed their own kites in the little workshop before learning to trap the gusts and make them play. We spent an idyllic hour, just me and my beach towel, inventing the new sport of living sand sculpture as the wind whipped up the fine sand and coated us with its glistening presence.

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