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El Puerto de Oro

El Puerto de Oro

Last night, as Jack was taking the homemade quiche out of the oven, I went outside to set the table on the terrace and found that the world had turned to a vibrant, rich, rose hue. The white walls of our house were luminous salmon pink and beyond, the Orotava Valley shone like molten gold.

When we spot one of Puerto’s trademark sunsets shaping up, we have an overwhelming desire to run to the car, drive two minutes up the hill to Humboldt’s Mirador and photograph the valley mid-crimson but we know that by the time we get there it will be gone.
Last night, with every passing second we watched the sky deepen into a painfully intense scarlet until it didn’t seem possible for such beauty to exist in the world. And then it was gone.

It’s said that in days of old, navigators christened Puerto de la Cruz ‘Puerto de Oro’ (the golden port) as night after night the setting sun bathed it in a mist of rosy light.
I think the Portuenses should consider changing their town’s name back to that because it’s so perfectly apt.
So here, albeit belatedly, is the sky for you to enjoy, courtesy of el Puerto de Oro:

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