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I can understand how the Canarios have become so entrenched in their Sunday routines; they’re very addictive.

We’ve been working 24/7 for several weeks now, which is brilliant in terms of having lots of work, but ultimately exhausting. When I learned that our neighbour, Nicole, was going back to her homeland in France for the whole of Christmas and New Year, I thought it only neighbourly to have lunch with her before she goes. So last Sunday we arranged to meet her at Los Faroles restaurant behind Playa Jardín in Puerto de la Cruz

Nicole’s a bubbly 58 year old (she won’t thank me for telling you that) of the Brigitte Bardot school who was obviously a stunner in her youth and is still very attractive now. She has long auburn hair and tattoed lip liner and she’s extremely petite so wears high heels that she totters around on. Nicole is always tired (she works incredibly long hours as a courier), is health obsessed and is constantly fending off suitors for whom she feels no passion and therefore cannot possible consent to have sex with them, much to their chagrin.
In short, she’s great entertainment value.

Nicole - she's very French.

Managing always to be at least a half hour late so that she can make an entrance (I think it’s a French thing), Nicole finally arrived at Los Faroles wearing a crimson velvet tracksuit and orange, yellow and red platform sandals. The waiter (an old friend and ever-hopeful suitor) announced that Miss World had arrived which Nicole acknowledged with a twirl and a giggle. I glanced over my shoulder, half expecting the paparazzi to be lined up with their cameras.
We ordered our food – Nicole chose hake, plain grilled, with papas arrugadas and mojo and a tomato salad with oregano. Jack ordered the rabbit stew and I went for hake stuffed with salmon.
A bottle of crianza arrived at the table, compliments of the waiter, and we settled back to listen to the latest instalments of Nicole’s nearly-love life.

The sun shone, Nicole was on sparkling form, the food was absolutely delicious, the wine was dangerously quaffable and the time flew. When Jack commented that his conejo en salmorejo was the best on Tenerife, the waiter corrected him and said it was the best in the Canaries – no-one disagreed.

It was the kind of Sunday that Tinerfeños  enjoy every weekend and I’ve come to the conclusion that they’re not daft. I sit at this screen every weekend social networking and marketing like my life depended on it and sometimes I’m deafened by the empty echo that bounces back at me as everyone else is having a weekend.

My New Year’s resolution is to have more Sundays, Tenerife style, and I’m getting some practice in now.

Today we planned a hike through the Güímar malpaís with Richard, followed by a fish lunch at Puertito.
The hike was excellent but unfortunately, ‘pressing’ business took Richard away so we shelved lunch for another day. Next Sunday perhaps…

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