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I used to be a vegetarian, (reading that statement back, it sounds as though I ought to add “but I’m better now” onto the end of it), so I know how tricky eating out in Spain can be when you don’t eat meat. My saving grace was that I ate fish.

I can hear vegetarians screaming at this point: “You’re not a veggie! Veggie’s don’t eat fish!” and I have no inclination to contradict them but what else could I call myself? My husband always told people we were piscitarians but I seriously doubt the existence of such a word and maintain that he only used it because it sounded as if it could just as easily be a statement on our drinking habits as our eating ones.

Anyway, many of our friends still are vegetarians and one in particular is also what could be termed as ‘fussy’ which is a massive understatement and equates to ‘you can never eat out’ if you live, as she does, on La Gomera.
This weekend she came to stay and I was eager to surprise her with a trip to El Maná in the Ranilla restaurant district of Puerto de la Cruz.

Restaurant district, Puerto de la CruzRanilla has always been the heart of the restaurant district in Puerto and just recently there’s been a spate of new openings which have added a touch of contemporary chic and nouveau cuisine to the traditional Canarian menus and décor of the fishing district. El Maná is a (mainly) vegetarian, organic restaurant whose owner is the chef and we’ve eaten there with veggie friends from Manchester and have all been blown away by the fabulous food.

So, confident in the knowledge that I could present Jo with a restaurant that would satisfy even her fussiness, we trotted along to El Maná on Saturday night. Jo took a long look at the menu before declaring “it’s too vegetarian for me.”
Stunned into silence, I led her back to Mil Sabores where she chose Mediterranean soup followed by mussels with garlic bread and declared it all delicious. Thus, the evening was saved and I can start work on a whole new chart against which to measure fussiness, Jo having blown the previous score of ‘10’ right out of the water.

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