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I love Puerto de la Cruz, that’s why I live here; it’s like living in Party Town.
As far as I’m concerned it’s got everything – a beautiful beach, glorious weather (occasional winter rain and all-year sun), lush tropical vegetation , a picturesque harbour, great restaurants, plazas, bars and a fiesta or several pretty much every month of the year.

But if you were to ask me to name the town’s Achille’s Heel, it would have to be its hotels, most of which fall well below the standard expected by today’s travellers.

  • Facades are old and tired and very few people now welcome high rise anything, even if it’s nice inside.
  • Décor is at best old fashioned and at worst downright depressing. Even hotels which have recently been refurbished are entirely lacking in any kind of character or charm.
  • Food is at best indifferent and at worst disgraceful. The same goes for service.

I can easily name hotels which I consider to be worthy of their place in Puerto (the Tigaiga Hotel and the Botanico Hotel are two which spring to mind) but the fact that there are few enough for me to name them is a sad indictment of the situation.

pool with a view

Then yesterday I met John Beckley at the Las Aguilas Hotel and was impressed to the point of feeling the need to blog.
I look at this place atop the hill every time I drive to La Villa shopping centre but until yesterday, I’d never actually been up to it and that has proved to be an oversight.

The Las Aguilas oozes quality, charm and character. Its décor is modern and eclectic with stylish features and cosycorners giving the place a very intimate atmosphere. The rooms have beautiful balconies with stunning views over Puerto and the Atlantic; the grounds are simply but immaculately landscaped; the food was delicious, plentiful and excellent value for money and the staff were smiling, friendly and efficient.

If, like me, you’ve never been to the Las Aguilas, check it out; it’s a real find.

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